The Data Science Forum is a not for profit educational organization with a simple but important mission. We help people gain understanding, acquire knowledge, and develop skills in: computational methods, and their applications in statistics and mathematics.

To fulfill that mission, the Forum provides both education experiences and career development opportunities for students and alumni of the University of London group.

The Forum aims at bringing together students, researchers, and practitioners to discuss recent developments in computational methods, methodology for data analysis, and applications in statistics and mathematical finance. All topics within the broad interface of Computing, Applied Mathematics & Statistics will be considered for presentation.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• categorical data analysis
• clustering & classification
• computer-aided data analysis
• computational Bayesian methods
• computational econometrics
• data visualization
• extreme value theory & applications
• high-dimensional data analysis
• kernel & Monte Carlo methods
• machine learning
• mixture models
• multivariate data analysis
• nonparametric statistics
• numerical methods
• parametric & semi parametric models
• large-scale financial problems and HPC
• sampling methods
• spatial statistics
• symbolic data analysis
• time series analysis
• functional data analysis
• mathematical finance

What you can expect?

The Data Science Forum will introduce the skills necessary for you to be both clients and designers of numerical methods for computer science applications. Here is what you should expect as an attendee of the workshops:

• Active participation. You will be actively engaged as a full participant throughout the workshops. Unlike typical events where most attendees are passive listeners, your active participation genuinely matters to the overall outcome.

• Open new vistas. Expand networks, meet partners, and learn from people with a wide range of quant backgrounds and industry experiences. You will learn about the latest computational developments, including current trends, key players, and opportunities.

• Solve real problems. You will participate in hands-on, interactive case study sessions to design real-world solutions to challenges in the sector, such as risk management, funding, and information technologies.

These sessions and experiences will no doubt be useful in your chosen future professional environment.

Team Contacts:

Charles Shaw, Department of Economics, Mathematics and Statistics representative
E: cshaw11[at]
Charles is responsible for communications within the Department of EMS
BSc(Econ) Financial Economics, Birkbeck
MSc Financial Risk Management (Birkbeck, ongoing)

Matteo Lanzini, Department of Computer Science and Information Systems representative
E: jlanz01[at]
Matteo is responsible for communications within the Department of CSIS
Bachelor’s degree, Economics and Management, Bocconi
MSc Finance, Birkbeck
MSc Data Science (Birkbeck, ongoing)

Josue Jure, Outreach manager
E: jjure01[at]
Josue seeks and develops collaborative relationships with industry partners.
BSc Mathematics (Birkbeck, ongoing)

Please replace the “[at]” with @ when sending email.